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Required Grant Materials

Before the Program Begins

1. Provide information for CITE's website and for the Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement (HCCE) Designation.
Please complete this form within two weeks of receiving your award letter. Based on your response, we will also post a brief description of your program to our Project webpages. If you have a UH webpage for your program, it will be posed on our Co-Curricular Learning Opportunities webpage. This form will also be used to determine your program's category and points for the HCCE designation

2. Finalize the rubrics for your evaluation of students’ assignments.

Grant recipients may consult the CITE office in refining their assessment strategy. In some cases, the CITE office may require or recommend revisions to the assessment plan proposed.

3. Provide a contact list for CITE's pre- and post-surveys.
Once you finalize your roster, submit a contact list that includes first names, last names, PeopleSoft IDs, and email addresses for all students that will participate in the program. This file must be saved with the extension .csv. Send the completed file to at least two weeks before your program begins. If any student is added or dropped from the program at any time, please let us know ASAP.

We will use the contact list to send the CITE pre- and post-surveys to the participating students. We will contact you to determine the date and time when the surveys will be sent to your students. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that your students complete these required surveys. 


Once the Program Ends

1. Complete the CITE Assignments form to evaluate your students. 

Based on the learning outcomes rubrics you provided, use this form to evaluate student performance on two of the six CITE learning outcomes. For the learning outcomes cells on this form, please click and choose from the five performance levels: exemplary, proficient, competent, needs improvement, and unsatisfactory. This form must be submitted to within 30 days after your program ends. 

2. Submit your financial report.

Please work with your Departmental Business Associate to provide a short (one-page maximum) report on how grant funds were spent. This report must be submitted to within 30 days after your program ends.