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CITE Pre- and Post-Surveys

Students participating in CITE-funded activities will need to respond to the CITE pre- and post-surveys. The surveys are sent by email from

These surveys capture students' expectations of how the co-curricular learning experience (CLE) will impact them before it begins and their perceptions of its impact after it concludes. In addition to providing valuable assessment information for CITE, this structure ensures that students reflect on their goals and expectations before the high-impact activity occurs and after it concludes.

Faculty members can receive the raw data from their students’ responses upon request to the CITE office.


The pre-activity survey items prompt students to consider their learning expectations for the CLE they are about to have. The post-survey incorporates responses from the pre-survey to cause students to reflect on the impact, if any, the experience has had on their learning. This pre-post survey approach of student expectations, based on a strategy developed at Furman University, provides valuable contextual information about program learning impacts as measured by the direct assessments.