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Fall 2021 exCITE Talks

Eleven undergraduate students participated in Fall 2021's final round of exCITE Talks on September 29, 2021. Students presented their experience with internships, learning abroad, service learning, and undergraduate research. Their presentations demonstrated the importance of co-curricular learning in gaining the skills necessary for professional success.

Watch Our Winners 

Halle Perez, senior double-major in marketing and finance, took home the 1st place prize with a presentation on her internship at the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the internship, Halle had the opportunity to work on recruitment initiatives targeted to the Latino community. 


Alexandra Ulinski, senior physics major, won the 2nd place prize with her presentation on her experience in the Undergraduate Student Instrument Program, a CITE grant program led by Dr. Edgar Bering, Dr. Shuhab Khan, and Dr. Mequanint Mogues. Alexandra discusses how her team overcame the challenges of building an instrument to measure conductivity. 


Sarah Philip, senior biochemistry major, came in 3rd place. She discussed the research project on CRISPR, a gene editing tool that has the potential to cure for cancer, that she did in conjunction with the Graduate School for the University of Texas at Austin.  


Jerzy Carranza, junior media production major, took home the People’s Choice Award. Jerzy shared his experience with imposter syndrome when he started his own production company.

Our Other Finalists  

  • Sabrina Corneh, junior communications disorders major, shared her service-learning experience in a community outreach program that provides underserved children with books. 
  • Austin Kelly Mitchell, senior religious studies major, presented their undergraduate research fellowship work on the biblical story of the Metsora. 
  • Sondos Moursy, junior psychology major, discussed her experience working on mass incarceration during her internship in the Mayor's Office of Complete Communities.
  • Nabeela Siddeeque, senior biochemistry major, shared her experience working with formerly incarcerated women as a fellow in the Action Research in Communities program, a CITE grant program led by Dr. Ben Rayder and Dr. Stuart Long. 
  • Sumaya Siddiqui, senior marketing major, discussed how she used her marketing and communication skills as a Harris Fellow working in Judge Lina Hidalgo's office. The Harris Fellows program, led by Renee Cross and Isaiah Warner, received a CITE grant.
  • Emily Sonnier, junior industrial design major, shared her experience studying furniture design in Copenhagen, Demark. 
  • Nakhal Zafar, senior psychology major, presented her internship working with mental health patients at a hospital in Pakistan.