Future Greek Leaders Academy - University of Houston
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Future Greek Leaders Academy

The Future Greek Leaders Academy brings together emerging chapter and council leaders from across the community to develop a shared understanding of how to best live the rituals of each individual chapter and how to advance the shared purpose and values of the fraternity/sorority community. Individuals develop a common commitment of values-based leadership within the context of the fraternity/sorority experience. This educational academy is focused for individuals new to their fraternity or sorority experience (within their first year of fraternity/sorority membership).

Congratulations to our Spring 2022 graduates of the Future Greek Leaders Academy!

Sophia Dang Sigma Phi Omega
Lauren Nguyen Sigma Phi Omega
Han Nguyen Sigma Phi Omega
Carolyn Phan Sigma Phi Omega
Lucinda Hagan Sigma Kappa
Regan Palacios Sigma Kappa
Celeste Gibson Sigma Kappa
Taylor Haynes Sigma Kappa
Grace Pham Lambda Delta Psi
Tracy Ta Lambda Delta Psi
Mary Phan Lambda Delta Psi
Pauleen Nagpacan Lambda Delta Psi
Lizette Soleto Kappa Delta Chi
Jabyn Capistrano Gamma Beta
Nic Dinh Gamma Beta
Raymond Do Gamma Beta
Jadyn Winsett Delta Zeta
Kayla Nguyen Alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Sifa Opot Alpha Kappa Alpha
Candace Mccray Alpha Kappa Alpha