How the Center for Diversity and Inclusion was formed

In the summer of 2013, the Multicultural Student Services Task Force was charged with identifying the feasibility of creating a new department/center that focuses on addressing the needs of the diverse University of Houston student population. Based on the information that the Multicultural Student Services Task Force obtained after benchmarking twenty-two institutions of higher education, reviewing existing multicultural programs and services, conducting a focus group with student leaders, and administering a campus-wide student survey, the committee recommended that a multicultural department/center be created at the University of Houston. A survey was also sent to approximately 22,367 UH students. A total of 807 students responded by the deadline. Eighty-two percent indicated a need for a multicultural student services department/center at UH.

The Multicultural Student Services Task Force was a joint effort of University of Houston staff, faculty, students and administration and was comprised of 15 members – three faculty, three students and nine university administrators and staff.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is a product of the task force recommendation and opened its doors fall 2014. The Center’s mission and vision is in alignment with the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Service’s strategic initiative #3, “foster the creation of a global learning community that actualizes and embraces inclusion while preparing students to become active citizens.