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Brand Protection

The University of Houston protects and promotes its brand marks and logos via policies and procedures governing the use of its UH Marks and the UH Logo System by university students, faculty, staff, external users outside the university and merchandise licensees.

UH Users

University of Houston students, faculty and staff are required to follow the University’s brand guidelines and review and approval procedures whenever UH Marks and the UH Logo System are used in communications and marketing materials for use outside of the UH community. UH Users provides detailed information on the relevant policies, review and approval procedures for each respective group of users.

External Users

University of Houston System policy establishes clear policies and procedures governing when and how individuals and entities outside the University of Houston may make use of UH marks and logos. External Users provides information and guidance for external users seeking to use UH marks and logos in their communications and marketing.


If you wish to produce and market goods for sale or any other commercial venture using University of Houston trademarks, you must obtain a license agreement from the University of Houston System’s licensing agency of record, Affinity Licensing. Licensees are obliged to pay a royalty for use of the University of Houston trademarks.

The Licensing page provides detailed information on the University of Houston System’s licensing policies and procedures and how to apply for a University of Houston System license with the UH System’s licensing agency, Affinity Licensing.