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Helpful Mailing Hints for Parents

Please use the registered (full given) name of your son or daughter on all mail/packages. No nicknames please!

Always include the following in your son or daughter’s address: their registered (full given name) no nicknames; name of their residence hall and their personal mailbox number (PMB); street address; and city, state and zip+4.

Always include a return address on all mail/packages. If we can’t determine whom the mail/package goes to, this is the address we will return the item to. Please write legibly or use pre-printed labels.

Begin shipping letters/packages one week before school starts.

NEVER SEND CASH IN THE MAIL. Delivery Services is not responsible for cash sent through USPS mail.

Please allow enough time for letters/packages to arrive after ordering or mailing.

If an item is of extreme importance and you are shipping it via USPS, please use some form of tracking media to ensure it was delivered such as Express, signature confirmation, registered or certified. Signature confirmation is the least expensive way to do this.

Accountable items have assigned tracking numbers on the incoming letter/package. Delivery Services logs in all accountable items and obtains your son or daughter’s signature upon delivery.

DHL, UPS and FedEx automatically assign each piece a unique tracking number and insurance for the first $100 at no additional charge.

Do not over insure. The USPS and other carriers will only pay the actual value of an item, not the insured/declared value.

If you are looking for a package, please provide the following information to your son or daughter: the tracking number; carrier used; or some type of specific information about the package. Your son or daughter should contact UH Postal Services for assistance in locating the item.

Be sure items coming in to your son or daughter have their registered (full given) name and PMB number on the item (example: cell phones may be in the parent’s name, and if they are sent a replacement phone by insurance it may come in the account holders/parent’s name) You are responsible for having the vendor put the item in your son or daughter’s name.

More information about student mail can be found on our student mail guide at Student Mail Guide.