Religious Studies Program



Who's Who in the Religious Studies Program

Lynn E. Mitchell

Lynn E. Mitchell (Clinical), Ibrahim Sumer (Visiting Scholar in Religion, Islamic Studies)

Lecturers and Instructors:
Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson, David Brenner, Steven DiMattei, David Gustafson, Erkan Kurt, J. Pittman McGehee, Brian Nichols, Michele Verma, Kenneth Weiss, M. Sait Yavuz


The Religious Studies Program offers a rational and analytical approach to the study of world religions and of religion in America. The program provides a valuable and fruitful interdisciplinary approach to the study of humanities and to the securing of a liberal education.

A typical course in the program draws upon the disciplines of literary analysis, history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, art history, and political philosophy.

The intent of the program is not denominational advocacy, but instead to promote the academic study of the human experience. Within the contours of a single course, therefore, students can encounter many essential aspects of the human experience.

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