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Who's Who in the Department of History

John M. Hart

W. Andrew Achenbaum, Robert Buzzanco, Hannah S. Decker, Sarah Fishman, John M. Hart, Frank L. Holt, Gerald C. Horne, Susan Kellogg, James Kirby Martin, Martin V. Melosi, Thomas F. O'Brien, Jr., Michael Leroy Oberg, Robert C. Palmer, Joseph A. Pratt, Guadalupe San Miguel, Bailey Stone, Sally N. Vaughn, Eric H. Walther, Nancy Beck Young, Robert Zaretsky

Associate Professors:
Kathleen A. Brosnan, Xiaoping Cong, Steven Deyle, Philip Howard, Karl Ittmann, Kairn Klieman, Catherine F. Patterson, Raul Ramos, Linda Reed, Landon Storrs, Tyrone Tillery

Assistant Professors:
Natalia Milanesio, Monica Perales, Todd Romero, James Schafer

Department Overview

The Department of History offers the Bachelor of Arts in History, the Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Certification, a minor in History, the Master of Arts in History, and the Doctor of Philosophy in History.


Advanced Degrees

The university offers the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of History. The Master of Arts includes fields in Europe, Latin America, Public History, and the United States. The Doctor of Philosophy is available in fields of United States, European, and Latin American history.

For admission to the graduate programs, degree requirements, and course listings, consult with the director of graduate studies in the Department of History and refer to the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog.


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