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Who's Who in the Department of Economics

David Papell

John J. Antel, Alok Bhargava, Steven G. Craig, Thomas R. DeGregori, Paul R. Gregory, Chinhui Juhn, Janet E. Kohlhase, David Papell, Roy J. Ruffin, Bent E. Sorensen

Associate Professors:
Aimee Chin, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Christian Murray, Dietrich Vollrath

Assistant Professors:
Pauline T. Hardee (Clinical), Scott Imberman, Brett Jiu (Clinical), Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann, Elaine Liu, Vikram Maheshri, Ruxandra Prodan-Boul (Clinical), Rebecca Achee Thornton (Clinical), Gergely Ujhelyi, Ross vanWassenhove (Clinical), Andrew Zuppann

Department Overview

The Department of Economics offers the Bachelor of Arts in Economics, the Bachelor of Science in Economics and the minor in Economics.

Advanced Degrees

The university offers the Master of Arts in Applied Economics and the Doctor of Philosophy in Economics in the Department of Economics. The Master of Arts in Applied Economics provides quantitative training for jobs in private industry and government. The Doctor of Philosophy in Economics provides training for academic jobs as well as jobs in government and private industry.

For admission to the graduate programs, degree requirements, and course listings, consult with the director of graduate studies in the Department of Economics and refer to the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog.

To receive detailed advice about constructing a degree plan, please contact:

University of Houston
Department of Economics
Attn: Undergraduate Advisor
204 McElhinney Hall
Houston, TX 77204-5019

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