Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Undergraduate Opportunities

Baccalaureate and postbaccalaureate students interested in training for careers in human services and nonprofit management can pursue a certificate in nonprofit leadership and management with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics), described below and in the Special Programs and Opportunities section of this catalog.

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a national alliance of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations.

OVERVIEW OF CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Students enroll in courses that fit their individual degree plan for their major. The following courses and experiential activities are required to fulfill The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance nonprofit management competency areas and certification. (NOTE: Students with majors in Human Development and Family Studies and the Bauer College of Business should contact the program office at 713-743-8018 or room 405 SW for specific degree options. Also, see the Bauer College of Business section for more information.) Students will be assessed an annual fee of $100 each year they are enrolled in the program.


  1. Overview of Human Services:
    SOC 3318: Introduction to Social Work and Social Services
  2. Management of Human Services:
    SOCW 3354: Nonprofit Management
  3. Budgeting and Fiscal Management:
    SOCW 3330: Nonprofit Financial Management
  4. Marketing/Public relations (choose one):
    COMM 3356: Business and Professional Communications
    COMM 3368: Principles of Public Relations
    MARK 3336: Elements of Marketing Administration
  1. Human Development (choose one):
    PSYC 2350: Child Development
    PSYC 2351: Psychology of Adolescence
    HDFS 2317: Intro to Human Development and Intervention
  2. Principles of Fund Raising and Grant Writing:
    (Noncredit Workshop Series)  


  1. Participation in Student Association
  2. Leadership activities
  3. Attendance at national Management Institute
  4. Professional internship with community nonprofit

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