Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate

The Bauer College of Business and the Graduate College of Social Work have partnered to develop a specific undergraduate curriculum which utilizes B.B.A. degree requirements to prepare students to apply for a national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate.

Course Requirements for B.B.A. students seeking the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate:

  1. Child and Adult Development (choose 1) 
    PSYC 1300. Introduction to Psychology
    SOC 1300. Introduction to Sociology 
    Meets Social Science Core requirement; required for major
  2. Historical and Philosophical Foundations 
    SOC 3318. Introduction to Social Work and Social Services 
    Offered in Fall and Spring
  3. General Nonprofit Management 
    SOCW 3354. Nonprofit Management (Petition to count as an advanced business elective; Offered in Fall only)
  4. Marketing 
    MARK 3336. Elements of Marketing Administration
  5. Choose one of the following:  
    SOC 3330. Nonprofit Financial Management (Petition to count as an advanced business elective; Offered in Spring only) OR 
    ACCT 4377. Government and Nonprofit Accounting (ACCT majors only--contact the accounting advisor for registration assistance)

Additional workshops, non-credit classes, internships, and experiential skill building sessions are required for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate. See the Special Programs and Opportunities section of this catalog for further details or contact the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance office at 713-743-8018.

Catalog Publish Date: August 22, 2012
This Page Last Updated: June 18, 2012