Education Minor - Non-Certification Track

Required courses: EDUC 3301 or CUIN 3316, or CUIN 3221; EPSY 3300, and nine semester hours to be selected from the following:  CUIN 3111, 3201, 3202, 3317, 3347, 4303, 4315, 4318, 4332, 4375; ELED 3320, 3322; EPSY 3360; ARED 3305; MUSI 4342.

A total of 15 semester hours are required, 9 of which must be advanced, at least six of the nine advanced semester hours must be taken in residence. Students must earn a 2.5 minimum cumulative grade point average on courses attempted in the minor.

Note:  This minor is intended for students who do not wish to be certified to teach, but rather desire some experience in school contexts in order to develop an awareness of and be an advocate for education. Students who later decide to pursue teaching as a career should see their academic advisors to file a change of minor form.

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