EPSY Department

Who's Who

Richard Olenchak

Consuelo Arbona, John P. Gaa, Phyllis M. Gingiss, Thomas Kubiszyn, Frederick Lopez, Robert H. McPherson, Amaury Nora, Roberta Nutt (Visiting), Doris Prater, Alexander Schilt, Dennis Smith, Christopher A. Wolters, Yali Zou

Associate Professors:
Mary W. Armsworth, Joel A. Bloom, Madelyn Coleman, Patrick Ellis (Visiting), Ronald G. Frankiewicz, Catherine Horn, Dov (David B.) Liberman, Norma E. Olvera, Margaret Watson (Visiting), Margit Wiesner, Jenny Yi, Shirley Yu

Assistant Professors:
Andrea Burridge (Visiting), Max Castillo (Visiting), Tam Dao, Allison Dempsey, Jay Lee (Visiting), Milena Margulis, Lonnie McKinney, Weihua Fan, Catherine L. Horn, Sharon Johnson (Visiting), Judith Radigan (Visiting), George Schanding

Educational Psychology Overview

The Department of Educational Psychology offers two undergraduate programs in Health and Human Development and Family Studies.

Coursework in the Human Development and Family Studies program trains students both to understand the conceptual base of theories, applied research, and methods of psychology and to apply those fields of study to the processes of education and human development in practica and internships. Students in the Human Development and Family Studies Program may also choose coursework leading to certification in Early Childhood through Sixth Grade (EC-6) and Special Education as well as to pursue the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate (formerly American Humanics).

The department emphasizes a prevention, intervention, and consultation approach that encourages students to develop skills that respond to the unique assessment, academic, and social needs of individuals in a variety of settings.

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