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Enrollment FAQs


Fall 2020 Enrollment

Students will gain access to the revised class schedule on July 15. You will be able to confirm the mode of instruction for courses at that time. The available course delivery options are as follows:

  1. Hyflex classes have a safe number of students face-to-face in a socially distanced classroom, with lectures being live-streamed to allow students to participate in the class remotely. Lectures are also recorded for viewing by students online at a later time if necessary; with additional course materials posted online which can be accessed at any time.
  2. Synchronous Online classes have no face-to-face classes but do meet at a particular day and time in a virtual classroom. All class materials are available online and virtual lectures may be recorded to provide additional flexibility for students to view them at a later time.
  3. Asynchronous Online classes have no face-to-face classes or virtual meeting times. All class materials are available online at any time.

Here’s an example of how each type of class will be listed in the updated schedule:

How to distinguish between HyFlex, Synchronous Online, and Asynchronous Online

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find your enrollment appointment within myUH.

It begins on Monday, July 20 at midnight.

Students may add or drop classes up to the last day to add via myUH for Fall 2020. Always review your options with your academic advisor and consider the billing schedule before considering add, drop, or swap options.

Some courses offer a waitlist. If a waitlist is available, you will have the option to be placed in the waitlist queue.

No, you will not be dropped or have to re-enroll in Fall 2020 classes. The University is deeply committed to students making timely degree progress. The revised fall schedule will retain all courses that were previously scheduled.

Hyflex refers to the course offerings that are available face-to-face. The mode of instruction will be displayed as Face to Face in the class schedule.

Students who enrolled in classes before July 5, will have priority to make revisions to their fall class schedule based on the dates listed below:

  • On July 9, students will receive a future enrollment appointment date from the Office of the University Registrar should they wish to change the mode of course delivery once the revised class schedule is released.
  • On July 14, the University will release the revised schedule listing each class’s final mode of delivery: HyFlex, synchronous online, or asynchronous online. Students will be able to revise their fall schedule beginning July 15 based on their enrollment appointment.

Enrollment appointments will be available on July 9. Please confirm your enrollment appointment in myUH.


The waitlist allows us to manage class section registrations. If a class is currently closed for registration, but has a waitlist option, students who would still like to enroll in that class can choose to be put on the waitlist. Not all classes will have a waitlist option, and getting on the waitlist does not guarantee that you’ll be enrolled in that section.

The waitlist is first-come, first-serve. Your position in the queue is based upon who signs up first, second, third, etc. The size of the waitlist queue does not have any relationship to the number of students who will find seats in the class, and instructors control how many students can queue in the waitlist for each section.

A process runs every three hours (beginning at 11 a.m.) attempting to register students if/when seats become available in that section. If it registers you for the class, you'll receive an email notifying you. You'll then see that class as part of your enrolled classes in your myUH self-service account. Make sure you have a plan to pay tuition/fees associated with that class to avoid being dropped for failure to pay.

Yes. You can only waitlist for 8 credit hours for the term and 4 hours in any session.

If the waitlist option is available, you'll see links that will allow you to be placed on the waitlist. If your request to be added to the waitlist is successful, you'll see language confirming you've been added and letting you know your position in the queue.

If all seats in the waitlist are taken, it'll let you know that the section is closed and the waitlist option isn't available at this time.

The enrollment process will first enroll waitlisted students. Then, if additional seats are available, the process will allow students to register directly into the section(s).

If the enrollment process registers you for the class, you'll receive an email notifying you. You'll then see that class as part of your enrolled classes in your myUH self-service account.

All payment due dates still apply. Make sure you have a plan to pay tuition/fees associated with that class to avoid being dropped for failure to pay.

Instructors choose whether or not to have a waitlist. If the waitlist option isn't available, the instructor has chosen not to use it.

You must first drop the section you're enrolled in before the process will allow you to be queued for a waitlist in a different section. There are no guarantees being in the waitlist will get you into that section. Please review drop and enroll deadlines (found on the academic calendar) before making any decisions.

No. You'll be moved to the end of the waitlist queue.

The waitlist process stops running at midnight on the last day students may add themselves to classes for the term or session. You can find these dates on the academic calendar.

At any time, an instructor can choose to stop using the waitlist. The waitlist stops taking requests the day before the start of term.

You won't be enrolled if:

  • A seat didn't become available
  • You have a time conflict. This means the time of this section overlaps with a class you're already enrolled in
  • You haven't met the requisite or co-requisites
  • You're already in the maximum number of hours allowed by your college and/or department