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PIER Emergency System Management

The UIT E-Communications Center works closely with UH Marketing & Communication and the UH Department of Public Safety to support the campus at several levels during emergency situations. The University currently uses (3) PIER websites to handle very specific duties for emergency management.

Emergency Operations Center

The University of Houston Emergency Operations Center is your single resource for up-to-the-minute information about campus emergency incidents, including school closures and announcements about unfavorable weather conditions around our area.

To ensure you receive emergency email notifications and text messages, please verify your information in the myUH system (faculty/staff instructions | student instructions).

Check-in Center

The UH Emergency Check-in Center enables communication via a number of tools, including text messaging, the Web and email, helping UH better stay in touch and understand the impact of an emergency incident on all of our constituents. Your feedback provides UH leadership with essential information for making decisions.

In an emergency, UH leadership can be reached by texting the University of Houston emergency check-in site at short code address 847911. For help with texting, please visit the 'check-in steps' documentation.

Please assist us in reaching you during emergencies by keeping your information current in myUH. Instructions on how to do that are available at the UH Emergency Operations Center.

Information Technology Availability Center

The UH Information Technology Availability Center's primary function is to distribute announcements and status updates of campus computing and network services across the campus. This may include notifications about system availability and/or downtime, weather-affected facilities, and service continuity policies and procedures. The center also monitors UH's enterprise computing system to ensure 24-hour a day availability.

Contact Us

Email: ecomm@uh.edu