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Leadership Excellence

Human Resources offers several programs to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of its leaders and future leaders. These programs offer the opporutnity to interact and explore issues relevant to the University of Houston campus. All UH staff are encouraged to take advantage of these advanced learning options.  The Leadership Excellence program is application and nomination based.  Please check the respective program to view when applications will be accepted.



Executive Excellence

Applications are not currently being accepted. Please check back for future dates.

Executive Excellence is the upper level administration program under the umbrella of Impact UH.  The program is designed to address the leadership skills and knowledge of University personnel at the Executive Director, Director, Associate and Assistant Director level or those that hold a position that has reach and impact upon the University.  This program will enhance the already inherent leadership capabilities of 16 selected individuals.

Emerging Excellence 

Applications are not currently being accepted. Please check back for future dates.

Emerging Excellence is a leadership development program designed for employees who are new to the supervisor/manager role.  The program is strategically developed to address the concerns of newly promoted supervisors, and/or supervisors who continually desire to update their skills.  It offers a learning experience with interactive sessions on topics including leadership, communication, active listening, planning and goal setting, performance assessment, conflict resolution, and more.