Human Resources

HR Quick Notes:

TEXFLEX IMPORTANT DATE: Do you have TexFlex? December 31 is the last day to file Plan Year 2014 health and day care account claims for dates prior to and including November 15. Need a form? Click here.

UPDATE YOUR PASS ACCOUNT: Did you move this year? Were you hired under a temporary SSN? Did you retire an old email address or change your name? As we near the end of the calendar year, please log into PASS and make sure we have your correct personal information for tax purposes and so we can send important communications to you in the coming year.

E-TERMINATION: The eTermination Checklist is a new online feature that allows benefits-eligible employees to electronically track tasks associated to departing the institution.  The checklist will identify items specific to the employee that need to be returned prior to leaving, such as: Parking passes, keys, T-Card/P-Card, equipment, and more. For more details on the eTermination Checklist, please see our eTermination Training.

eTERMINATION INFO FOR BUSINESS STAFF: Do you have an eTermination checklist in your worklist? Find out more about the business administrator role in the eTermination process.