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Impact UH: Emerging Excellence


What is Emerging Excellence?

Emerging Excellence is a new initiative under the umbrella of Impact UH and is a program specifically created for emerging or newly emerged supervisors and managers.  This program is ideal for full time university employees who desire a leadership development opportunity.  During the program participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of leadership and management as a means of enhancing and/or building upon existing leadership skills.  

Who is eligible for Emerging Excellence?

Candidates for Emerging Excellence will be employees who are being considered for promotion to a supervisory position, or current supervisors desiring professional development.

What is the application process?

This is a self-application process.  Employees who are interested must submit an application form with the approval of their immediate supervisor. 

When will classes be held?

Emerging Excellence begins on Thursday, February 5, 2014 (a one-on-one coaching session—schedules to be determined) and will meet each Thursday through March 27, 2014.  The classes begin at 8:45 am and conclude at 12 noon. Applicants must commit to attend each of the weekly sessions. Full commitment to the program and attendance of all sessions is vital as concepts/ideas will build on each other and be essential to the comprehensive experience.  

What can I expect from Emerging Excellence?

Emerging Excellence participants can expect to acquire and/or develop skills essential to an understanding of solid management and leadership practices.  We hope that every participant will complete the program with a firm understanding and renewed commitment to great leadership and making an impact on our university.