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Onboarding Process

New Employee Celebration

Congratulations on the hire of your new employee! Human Resources is committed to giving our new employees a great experience and introduction to our university at the attendance of their New Employee Celebration. In order to achieve this goal, there are prerequisites that must be met before your new employee can be registered for NEC.

Hiring departments are responsible for registering their newly hired faculty and staff employees for NEC. To help your new employee have a great experience day one at the University of Houston, please complete the following prerequisites before registering him or her for NEC:

  • Complete the Request for Offer (RFO) via our online job systems (OJS).
  • Once your new employee has accepted the job offer, direct him or her to HR for employment eligibility (form I-9) and direct deposit sign up completion. Be sure to complete and send a New Employee Authorization request form with your new hire to HR.
  • Submit the electronic personnel action request (ePAR) via PeopleSoft. To expedite the ePAR approval, please attach the following documents with your ePAR request:
    • Personal Data Sheet (3 pages total)
    • Job Offer Letter
    • If the employee is a foreign national, include their Foreign National Tax Packet
    • I-9 and direct deposit sign up receipt

Time, Date and Location

NEC is held in McElhinney Hall, room 341. Once your new employee has been approved to attend NEC, he or she will receive an email confirming date, time and parking instructions. The person who registered the employee for NEC will also receive an email to confirm enrollment.

We ask that NEC attendees come to 325 McElhinney at least 30 minutes before their scheduled orientation session to be photographed for their Cougar Card. This will enable us to provide them with their card by the end of the day.

Parking Accommodations

Free parking for new hires will be provided the day of orientation if he or she has been registered for orientation by 12:00 noon on the Thursday preceding the scheduled orientation. Because the UH parking situation is in flux due to construction, the employee's email confirmation will include parking instructions.


At the conclusion of NEC, employees will be given their Cougar Card and directed to the Welcome Center to obtain their parking permit.

Human Resources look forward to welcoming our new employees to the Cougar Pride!