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Remote I-9 Process

Occassionaly a new hire is unable to come to the HR Service Center to complete their Federally mandated I-9 form. If the situation meets certain criteria, Human Resources can provide the new hire with a Remote I-9 packet so they can be in compliance.

Prerequisites and Requirements for the Faculty and Staff Remote I-9 Process

  • The new hire lives far beyond Houston or the surrounding areas
  • The employee will not be on campus at least five (5) days prior to start date
  • The new hire is within the United States
  • The I9 does not require Visa/Foreign National documents.  Visa/Foreign National documents (if any) must be delivered in person to Human Resources Center on campus.
  • It is the responsibility of the new hire to pay for any service fees applicable to the Remote I-9 Request.  Reimbursment is at the discretion of the hiring department.
  • Remote I-9 request must be received directly from the hiring department. The new hire cannot initiate the request.

Please submit your request to Human Resources Employment by completing the fields below. Within no more than two business days, you will receive an email from Human Resources Employment regarding your request.

Please complete the fields below for prospective employee.

*For Faculty: Departments will need to create a Future Faculty POI with a current effective date.

*For Staff: Departments will need to contact Ashley Waggoner (713.743.3217) or the HR Service Center (713.743.3988) to create a Future Employee POI.

Please Note: If you are hiring a foreign national, there may be additional forms and considerations. Please consult the immigration website or contact the Office of the General Counsel.