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How to View/Edit Direct Deposit

1. Log on to PASS.

2. Click on Payroll Information.


3. Click on Direct Deposit.


4. After you click on Direct Deposit, if this is your first time to set up your Direct Deposit information, you will see an options screen for account setup. If you already have a direct deposit account, you will be asked to provide the routing and account number for your "balance" account. This is your primary account that you set up previously.

5. After you have authenticated your account (if needed), you will be able to make changes to any of your accounts: checking, savings, etc.


Changing Your Direct Deposit Information (NOTE: This can be done no more than twice per day.)

6. On the Direct Deposit page, locate the record to be modified and click the Edit button.


7. Enter or change data in the appropriate fields.


8. Click Save.

9. A confirmation page will appear. Click OK.


10. Verify your information.

Adding a New Account

11. Click on Add Account.


12. The Add Direct Deposit page will appear. Select the followingto set up your Primary Account (Balance Account)

  • Account Type "Balance"
  • Deposit Type ("Checking" or "Savings")
  • Amount/Percent field should remain empty
  • Enter your bank routing number
  • Enter your account number
  • Deposit Order will default to "999" which is correct

13. Click Save

Note: When selecting a secondary or tertiary account, the Direct Deposit Type must be "Amount" and a fixed dollar amount must be entered, and the priority code must be different. 

14. A confirmation page will appear. Click OK to return to the Direct Deposit Page.


15. Verify that your new account was created.

Deleting an Account

16. Click on Delete to remove an account from your Direct Deposit page.

Note: The Balance Account can be edited to reflect new account information, but it cannot be deleted.


17. After you click Delete, the Delete Confirmation page will appear. Select Yes-Delete to delet the account, or No-Do Not Delete to cancel the deletion. Either choice will take you back to the Direct Deposit page.


18. Verify that the account has been deleted.