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PASS Update - Direct Deposit

The University of Houston has recently updated its security features regarding direct deposit information. These changes add an additional layer of protection for your banking information.

Why were changes made?

As hackers become more sophisticated, we are making every effort to improve our own technology security to stay ahead of the game. The security of your data is very important to us.

What has changed?

Previously, your PeopleSoft ID and password were sufficient to gain access to your direct deposit accounts and make changes. Now when you go into PASS and select Direct Deposit, you will be asked to provide the routing and account number for your balance account. This additional level of authentication helps protect your sensitive information.

What is a balance account?

Your balance account is your main or primary account. For most users, it is their only account, but if your paycheck is being sent to multiple bank accounts (savings, checking, etc.), your balance account is the first one that you set up.

I don't remember which account is my balance account.

That's okay. If you don't know your routing or account number, you can call your bank or come to the HR Service Center at 325 McElhinney and request assistance. You may also come to the HR Service Center if you know your banking information but aren't sure which account is your balance account. Because you will be requesting the lookup of confidential information, please bring a photo ID.

I have a check for my balance account. Which is the routing number and which is the account?

Here is a website that shows you routing vs account numbers:

I think I need additional assistance.

Feel free to come to the HR Service Center any time Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Please make sure you have a photo ID. For questions that don't require the release of confidential information, you may also call the Customer Service Center at 713.743.3988.