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How to Review or Change Emergency Contact

1. Log on to PASS.

2. Click on Personal Information.


3. Click on Emergency Contacts.


4. The Emergency Contact page will appear. Click on the Contact Name you would like to review.


5. Review the existing information.


6. If all is okay, click Return to Emergency Contacts.

Changing an Existing Contact

7. Click Edit on the row you would like to change. The Emergency Contact Detail page will appear with editable fields.


8. Enter information as appropriate.


9. Click Save.

10. Click OK and review your information.


How to Add a New Emergency Contact

11. Click on Add an Emergency Contact.


12. The Emergency Contact Detail page will appear.


13. Enter the Contact name and select Relationship from the drop-down list.

14. Check the appropriate boxes if the contact has the same address and/or telephone number as the employee.

15. Click on Edit Address under Address section if the contact has a different address than the employee.


16. Enter the new address information.

17. Click OK to return to the Emergency Contact Detail page.

18. Add a telephone number in the Phone section if it is different than the Employee's.


19. Enter an additional phone number by clicking Add a Phone Number.

20. Click Save.

21. Click OK to return to the Emergency Contact page.


22. Verify the new emergency contact information.

Changing your Primary Contact

23. Click on Change the Primary Contact.


24. Select a new primary contact from the drop-down list.


25. Click Save and then OK to return to the Emergency Contact page.


Deleting an Emergency Contact

26. Click the Delete button on the same row as the emergency contact to be removed.


Note: You cannot delete a Primary Contact. You may either designate another emergency contact as the Primary, and then delete the contact, or you may edit the Primary Contact information.

27. The Delete confirmation page will appear. Click on Yes-Delete to delete the contact or No-Do Not Delete to cancel the deletion.


28. Verify that the contact has been deleted.