Honors and the Schools

The Honors College at The University of Houston is proud to serve as a resource for hundreds of schools in and around the Houston area. Through our community engagement initiative, Honors and the Schools (HATS), we offer stimulating and thought-provoking teacher institutes, summer seminars, public lectures, special events, in-school visits, and teaching collaborations. Our goal is to support and enhance the learning environment in schools by sharing our passion and expertise in a variety of subject areas.  

We have developed several programs to meet the needs of both teachers and their students. We have offered workshops and seminars on a wide array of academic topics. Common Ground is a summer institute targeting secondary school English teachers. Scholars in Schools sends Honors College professors to the schools to lecture on topics of the teachers’ choice. Camps like the Cougar Junior Scholars and the Phi Beta Kappa Summer Honors Academy bring middle and high school students to campus to experience college life.

Houston Teachers Institute

The Houston Teachers Institute was an annual professional development program for Houston-area teachers. University of Houston faculty led seminars covering a wide array of academic topics reflecting the changing needs of Houston's schools and students. Participating teachers created a wide variety of lesson plans and curriculum units that we have cataloged online for classroom use.

Common Ground Institute

The Common Ground Teachers Institute, supported by The John P. McGovern Foundation, is a collaboration of faculty at the University of Houston and teachers of English from secondary schools throughout the Houston area. Teachers study classic works in American literature alongside significant works by minority writers. 

Scholars In Schools

The Scholars in Schools program is a collaboration of faculty at the University of Houston and teachers in varying disciplines from secondary schools throughout the Houston area and Texas at large. Professors are paired with teachers based on requested lecture topics tailored to the teachers’ curriculum.