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Undergraduate Fees - Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal year 2018 includes the Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 semesters.

Mandatory Fees

Extended Access Fee $273/sem Provides enhanced services to students enrolled only in online courses/or those offered off campus.
Recreation and Wellness Center Fee $101/sem The Recreation & Wellness Center Fee supports the maintenance and operation of the center.
Student Services Fee $255/sem The Student Service Fee supports various campus activities and organizations dedicated to student life and its enhancement.
UC Fee $135/sem The University Center Fee supports the maintenance and operation of the University Center.

Miscellaneous Fees

Cooperative Education fee $215
Lab fees $2-30
Late Registration fee $20
Library Recall/Reserve Fine $3/day
New Student Conference $60/1-day
Reciprocal Ed. Exchange Fee $75/sem
Special Prog Study Abroad Fee $100-$6,000/participant
Visiting Int'l Studies Prog Fee $150/program

Optional Fees

Parking: Student Lots $86-$361
Parking: Garage $241-$403
Transcript Fee $10
Study Abroad Fee Varies to cover travel expenses
Duplicate Diploma Fee $25
Graduation Application Fee $25
Late Graduation Fee $25

International Student Fees

Health Insurance* Fall 2016(New Students): $1048.00
Fall 2016(Returning Students): $949.00
Spring/Summer 2017: $949.00
Summer 2017 Only: $469.00
International Student Service Fee Sem/Sum $85
International Student Service Fee 6wk Sum $50
New Student Conference $75
J-1 Research Scholar Fee Annual $80
J-1 Research Scholar Fee Semester $50

* This fee is required of all international students to insure that should any illness or injury befall them they are adequately insured to meet the cost of treatment. This fee is an optional fee for U.S. residents only.