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Graduate Studies

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers graduate courses in the humanities and the social and health sciences . The goals of the graduate programs are to provide advanced academic instruction and expertise in the methods and skills of each discipline.

Degree Information

Doctoral Degrees

CLASS offers several doctoral degrees, the highest level of academic study. These rigorous, advanced programs require both coursework and extensive independent research, through the doctoral dissertation. Seven CLASS departments offer the PhD.

Master's Degrees

All departments and schools in the college offer master's degrees, which provide in-depth instruction and preparation, beyond the bachelor's level, in a particular field. Students may use the master's degree to prepare themselves to move directly into the workforce or as a stepping stone to doctoral studies. The Master of Fine Arts is considered a "terminal" degree, meaning that it is generally the highest degree granted in the fine arts disciplines. All master's degrees require a significant amount of coursework, and some also require a master's thesis and/or comprehensive examinations to attain the degree.

CLASS offers the following master's degrees:

* It is possible to continue on into doctoral studies in your field at the University of Houston after completion of your master's degree in these CLASS departments.

Dean's Office Contacts

Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Patterson

Dr. Catherine Patterson
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Anna Marchese
Program Director for Academic Records