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WCL Global Cinema graduate certificate


The Graduate Certificate in Global Cinema Studies is a nine-hour disciplinary concentration. It is open to students in all UH graduate and professional degree programs. It is also open to post baccalaureate students seeking a graduate certificate only, teachers and professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge of transnational cinema. The Graduate Certificate in Global Cinema Studies introduces students to advanced discussions, analyses, and theoretical perspectives in the discipline of World Cinema. Global Cinema Studies address the human experience from multi-ethnic and multi-cultural perspectives, and are particularly suited to the UH diverse student population and the enhancement of transcultural awareness. The courses are open to all graduate students, either in World Cultures and Literatures or in other disciplines. The Certificate will increase their chances to securing a job in the growing national and transnational market for communication and entertainment which requires cultural flexibility and a certain degree of knowledge in visual culture extending beyond U.S. cinema.

Admissions Requirements:

Students who have completed a B.A. degree, are already in a UH graduate degree program, and are interested in the Graduate Certificate in Global Cinema Studies must fill out the Graduate Certificate Application and submit the printed application to the Director of Graduate Studies, WCL, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of Houston, 3553 Cullen Boulevard, Room 612, Houston, TX 77204-3006 or via e-mail Dr. Carrera or Monica Ercolani.

Application Form

Certificate Recquirements:

The Graduate Certificate in Global Cinema Studies requires nine hours in film courses. Students will take WCL 6356 (World Film and Film Theory) plus two other graduate courses in national and/or transnational cinema, Asian cinema, gender and cinema, or courses with a strong cinema component selected from among the courses offered at the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Students enrolled in other Departments will take WCL 6356 plus at least one course selected from among the cinema courses listed below. The remaining three hours may be selected from among cinema courses offered in other departments, upon prior approval of the director of the Graduate Program in World Cultures & Literatures.

Required course (taught in English):

WCL 6356 – World Film and Film Theory

The following courses are also taught in English:

WCL 6355 – Utopias and Dystopias
WCL 6357 – Studies in National and Transnational Cinema
WCL 6358 – Studies in Asian Cinema
WCL 6359 – World Film, Gender, and Sexuality
WCL 6364 – Holocaust Representations
WCL 6365 – World Documentary Film
WCL 6366 – Latin American & Latino Film
CLAS 6381 – Classical Antiquity in Cinema

The following courses are taught either in English or in the language of the concentration to which they belong.

Graduate students will have to check with the instructor before enrolling. Students will get language credit if they write their papers in the language of the course’s concentration.

CHNS 6350 – Studies in Chinese Cinema
FREN 6318 – French Cinema
FREN 6321 – Francophone African Cinema
GERM 6361 – History and Memory in German Cinema
ITAL 6306 – Italian Advanced Cinema