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Process Overview

Requests for course changes, policy changes, and other administrative changes can originate from faculty and staff in Colleges, Schools, and other academic or business areas throughout the University of Houston.

Typically, the process might start with an idea being developed into a formal proposal by a faculty member. The faculty member would then submit the proposal to the Department Chair. After review and approval by the Department the proposal is submitted to the College's Dean. After review and approval by the Dean, the item is then submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs internal SharePoint site for consideration by the Undergraduate Committee.

The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office reviews the documents submitted to support the proposal. If accepted the proposal is assigned to a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Committee.

Subcommittees will review their assigned documents and make their recommendations to the full Undergraduate Committee during the monthly meeting. Persons interested in items before the Undergraduate Committee are welcome to attend the full meetings and/or contact the subcommittees.

If the Undergraduate Committee approves the proposal, the proposal will then go to the Provost's Office for approval. With the Provost's approval, certain academic items can then go into effect for the appropriate semester.

Please note that there are a number of items which also require further approvals, such as from the University Coordinating Commission, the Coordinating Board and/or the Regents. These items can only go into effect after they are appropriately approved.

See also:
Provost Office: Academic Program Planning for more information on Provost approval procedures. 

For information on specific documents active before the Undergraduate Committee please visit the Undergraduate Committee internal SharePoint site