UH Technology Bridge Welcomes 3 New Startups

We are pleased to announce that three new startups have joined UH’s Technology Bridge recently.

Funxion Wear, LLC

Fuxion Wear, LLC. An early-stage materials science company.

Funxion is an early-stage materials science company developing proprietary polymer materials for medical devices ranging from remote health monitoring to pain relief. "Wearables encompasses all the leading categories of things people wear to solve certain problems," said Raj Bhakta, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Funxion Wear. Bhakta also reported to Printed Electronics Now, a technology website, that, "some exciting products [are] coming out in the continuous glucose monitoring and continuous electrocardiogram monitoring space positioned towards medical-grade health monitoring."

Funxion has developed a platform technology that can print multiple materials (polymers, metals, ceramics, among others.) onto a range of textiles (including knits, wovens, non-wovens, and leathers) at high-throughput and at low-cost without altering the look, feel and fashion of the textile. This results in an energy-efficient manufacturing processes that increases the value proposition of a commodity material like textiles to create futuristic user-experiences.

TexPower, Inc.


TexPower is a startup company spun out of the University of Texas at Austin in early 2019. It consists of a team of experienced battery scientists excited to show the public the latest technology from the world’s leading battery research institution. The startup’s technology extends battery life while reducing the U.S. dependence on costly imported materials from foreign adversaries.

TexPower's cathode material can replace standard lithium ion battery cathode materials powder-for-powder. Its goal is to license its technology, which can be sold to cell makers to make lithium ion batteries.

“We are increasing the energy density and lowering the cost without sacrificing cycle life,” said Arumugam Manthiram, one of the founders of TexPower and world renown materials scientist. “This means longer driving distances for electric vehicles and better battery life for laptops and cellphones,” he told UT News.

AlitaSora, LLC


AltiSora is an innovation incubator and technology house where that develops new solutions, products and processes for the betterment of life. Its scope includes chemicals, polymers, surfactants, adhesives, coatings, additives and materials in agriculture, mining, energy, construction, transport, manufacturing and environmental applications.

AltiSora drives transformational growth through new technology development in partnerships with academia, industry and business. The startup continuously works on improving the world we live in to ensure sustainability and to utilize natural resources in a responsible and optimal way