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If you like concerts, movies, comedians, free events, and many other fun activities, then SPB is the place for you! The Student Program Board (SPB) at the University of Houston is a fee-funded student organization that exists to create programs that appeal to the student body by providing an array of diverse activities throughout the year.

The Student Program Board’s mission is to enhance the student experience at the University of Houston and bring the University of Houston community together through entertaining, thought-provoking, and exciting events.

We aim to program for every student on the UH campus, by staying connected and understanding our students’ wants and needs. The Student Program Board is a great way to get involved with campus life and an easy way to meet a lot of great new people.

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Samantha Sadeghi
Macy Pham
Vice President of Marketing & Assessment
Catherine Cedillo Moreno
Vice President of Membership
Danielle Palomo
Performances Chair
Faiza Murtaza
Cinema Chair
Ada Martinez
Major Events Chair
Elaine Vo
Outreach Chair
Nancy Cristobal
Special Events Chair
Oscar Rodriguez
ESports Chair
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    Phone Number: 832-842-6217

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    4100 University Dr.
    Student Center North, N115
    Houston, TX 77204
    United States of America

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