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Cluster Partnership Program

In addition to providing free access to shared compute resources, the Research Computing Data Core offers researchers to purchase prioritized compute cycles and dedicated storage resources through the Cluster Partnership Program. Via this program, faculty can aquire ownership  of a certain amount of our high-performance, professionally managed compute nodes and storage for a prescribed number of years.

RCDC works with top-tier vendors to deliver an expandable computing environment to the University of Houston community. This infrastructure includes core hardware, software, administrative, technical, and user support that can be used by researchers to convert funding into research computing resources in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Through the Cluster Partnership Program, RCDC will support you in all phases of the technology lifecycle including:

  • Working with you to determine what level of compute resources best meet your research needs
  • Negotiating competitive prices from a range of top-tier vendors using bulk purchasing prices
  • Adding your dedicated compute resources in a secure on-campus data center
  • On-going support, updates, and maintenance by a team of professional system and network administrators

RCDC will customize access to resources through the Cluster Partnership Program to meet your needs. This includes priority access to your resources to groups of users you specify.

By adding into RCDC’s computing environment, you will be able to leverage RCDC’s existing network and interconnect, storage, software, and secure data center. Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that your compute resources and storage are being hosted and maintained securely by professional staff.