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Shuttle Bus Advertising Program

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University of Houston Parking and Transportation Services (UH-PTS) offers advertising opportunities on the shuttle bus fleet that services the campus, UH Technology Bridge and UH at Sugar Land.

Who Can Advertise

All University of Houston departments, governance organizations, colleges or schools, student organizations registered with the Department of Campus Activities, UH-affiliated vendors, corporate partners, sub-contractors and leaseholders are eligible to advertise on the shuttle buses. None of the above shall sponsor, advertise for, or solicit for parties outside of the UH community.

Shuttle Bus Advertising Specifics

The UH shuttle bus fleet consists of 20 shuttle buses with ridership capacities of 36 seated and 50 with standing room. Full fleet advertising required

The panels are not back-lit.

Each advertising space requires a 10 3/8” x 22” sign. We recommend that signage be purchased through UH Copy, Print & Delivery Services to ensure sizing specifications.

For a single sign, the finished product should measure 10-3/8” x 22” with a 1⁄4” margin included to avoid cropping issues. Signs must be made of .08 Styrene material to properly fit into the advertising slot. UH-PTS accepts no liability for signs that fail to meet the specifications and cannot be installed on the buses. Parking and Transportation Services will accept the next available signage in the appropriate format on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advertising Content

UH-PTS, in conjunction with other designated University System representatives (such as the Office of General Counsel) charged with ensuring adherence on all standards for said advertising required by state, federal and local laws, reserves the right to refuse any advertisement whose content would be objectionable to a reasonable person within or without the university community. The following list includes, but is not limited to, forms of advertising that are prohibited:

  • All tobacco, alcohol and firearms related products and/or activities
  • All materials containing and/or soliciting adult themes, activities and/or products including, but not limited to pornography
  • All materials that incite, depict, threaten, display or otherwise imply violence, whether toward animate or inanimate objects
  • Derogatory and/or discriminatory materials and messages, including but not limited to slogans, images and/or statements invoking pathos or malice
  • With the noted exception of registered UH student organizations such as the Student Government Association, UH governance groups such as Staff Council and Faculty Senate, no outside political groups or candidates will be eligible to advertise on the shuttle buses
  • Promotion of religious, personal, biased or potentially defaming and/or slanderous views/issues. 
  • Advertising for testing or experimentation by entities outside UH

Any UH department seeking to post notices regarding experimentation or testing on/or of the UH population, whether compensated or uncompensated, invasive or passive, must submit written proof of compliance with Human Subjects requirement of the University of Houston. Failure to do so will result in denial of the request for advertising on the shuttle buses. 

Approval Process

Before making your signs, you will be required to:

  • Complete the shuttle bus advertising application.
  • If approved, the director or designee will email you a confirmation that your application has been approved and that your signage is ready for preparation.
  • You will have five to 10 business days from the approval date to pay your advertising fees and prepare and deliver your signs for posting.

Advertising Packages Available

Advertising space on the shuttle buses is rented on a monthly basis. Custom advertising can also be arranged by specifying “Other” on the application and indicating what you are seeking. Parking and Transportation Services will provide advertising space on a first-come, first-served basis, but every effort will be made to accommodate a request, space permitting.

*Schedule of Rates Effective 2019

UH Community Designation Monthly Rate (minimum of 20 signs required)
Student Organization $400
UH Department/Organization $800
UH Partner/Leaseholder $1,200

*Rates are subject to change without notice.


All fees due for advertising are payable within 10 days of receipt of the confirmation/approval notice. Failure to pay all fees will result in forfeiture of the advertising space. Payment forms accepted:

UH Purchase Voucher

*UH P-Card and Major Credit Cards

Embossed Numbered Bank Checks, Cashier’s Checks and/or Bank Issued Money Orders

* No online processing will be accepted for credit card transactions. UH-PTS will complete the transactions upon presentation of the card at the Parking and Transportation Services Office by an approved user with valid picture identification.

Returned Check Policy

Returned checks will result in a $15 processing fee. All rented advertising will be suspended and signs removed from the buses until proper restitution with a bank cashier’s check is made.

Delinquent Accounts

Organizations, departments or UH partners with outstanding debts due to Parking and Transportation Services may be refused future advertising services until payment is received.

How to Obtain Standardized Signs

UH-PTS recommends the use of the UH Copy, Print & Delivery Services for sign preparation. Certainly, you can shop around, but to guarantee that your signs will be prepared accurately by individuals knowledgeable about the printing specifications, we recommend you try them first.

Please note: You will need to provide UH Copy, Print & Delivery Services with a copy of your confirmation and approval from Parking and Transportation prior to having your signs made. If you decide to use UH Copy, Print & Delivery Services, you will have two options:

  1. Work with them to design your artwork (they have graphic designers that have access to virtually all logos used on campus)
  2. Send them your artwork for mounting and lamination

As previously noted, UH Copy, Print & Delivery Services will create your signs within five to 10 business days. They will not automatically send your signs to Parking and Transportation Services. You will need to designate if you will pick them up (highly recommended so you can verify the work before they are posted) or allow them to go directly to Parking and Transportation for posting. Parking and Transportation Services accepts no responsibility for errors on signs that are shipped or delivered to them for posting.

Posting Dates and Policy

Parking and Transportation Services will post advertising signs on the first and 15th day of each month, during the main semesters. On holidays/breaks, no signage will be posted. However, Parking and Transportation reserves the right to rotate signage around the buses from time-to-time, in order to allow maximum exposure to all advertising clients.

Replacement Signs

Signs posted on the shuttle buses will not be under a protective plate or in a locked display. Parking and Transportation and Groome Transportation, as shuttle bus agent for UH, accept no liability for loss of signs associated with vandalism, theft, other actions taken by parties riding the bus, wear and tear or damage, etc. It is therefore recommended that in addition to the 20 copies of the signs needed, that you supply Parking and Transportation Services with at least one or two additional signs. If you fail to provide additional signs, and your sign is either stolen, damaged or rendered inappropriate for public viewing, Parking and Transportation Services will not issue credits or refunds the time the sign was not in use.