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Safety And Security

University of Houston Department of Public Safety

UH is a campus located in a major urban area. UH has its own police department that helps to protect students and staff and provides a number of helpful services. Please visit the UH Police Department’s website for more information.


  • Keep a photo ID and key phone numbers in your wallet or purse.
  • Keep coins for phone calls.
  • Remember to dial 9-1-1 if you have a police, ambulance or fire emergency.
  • Remember 713-743-3333 for non emergency services from the UH Police Department.
  • Identify and remember the location of UH Call Boxes on campus.

Before Getting Into A Parked Car

  • Check the inside of the car for intruders.
  • Be aware of any passengers sitting in nearby cars.
  • Don’t accept rides or give rides to strangers

What Do I Do If Stopped by Police

  • Remain in the car. The officer will walk up to your car door. At night turn on overhead light.
  • Keep hands on the steering wheel or where they can be easily seen.
  • Make no sudden moves
  • When the officer comes to your car door, roll down the window and supply your driver’s license, automobile registration and proof of insurance.

Do Not Drink Alcohol & Drive

  • Realize that there are severe penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol.
  • You will be arrested and spend time in jail.
  • It could lead to your removal from the U.S.

Basic Advice for Safety

  • Do not walk in the dark alone
  • Walk in well-lit areas and where people are gathered
  • Use UH Cougar Patrol (e.g. escort service) for transportation within the boundaries of the UH Campus.
  • Keep books, backpack with you all the time.
  • Instead of using large bills for cash, consider using a debit card or check
  • Keep valuables out of sight in your car.
  • Do not open the door of the apartment until you know who is there.
  • Do not live in fear.
  • Use common sense.
  • Use available services like the UH Cougar Patrol.
  • Be confident BUT not overconfident.
  • Be SAFE!

Steps To Help Prevent Identity Theft

There is no way to ensure you will never be a victim of identity fraud or theft. However, the more you know and more you are aware of your financial records, the better prepared you will be if you do become a victim.

Do NOT give out personal information over the phone or the Internet. That would include your social security number, driver's license number, date of birth, place of birth, home address, mother's maiden name, or passwords.

Do NOT print too much personal information on your checks. Although it may be more convenient at the checkout counter, the more that you have on your checks, the more convenient for the criminal. We recommend that you do not put your driver's license, identification card, or social security number on your checks.

Keep detailed and accurate records of your banking; check writing, credit card, and ATM usage.

Ensure that carbons on credit card receipts are destroyed. Purchase a home shredder or completely destroy any items that may have personal information and identifiers such as address, date of birth, social security number, driver's license, or identification card number, rather than discarding them in the trash.

The only true defense against identity theft is prevention!