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Cooperative and Group purchasing organizations allow the University of Houston to purchase from established contracts without additional formal bidding. Click here to view the Cooperative Program Guideline. 

Program Description: The University of Houston would utilize the pre-approved cooperative or state contracts listed below in the procurement of:

  1. Commodities ( up to $500K per contract/PO), such as
    1. Parts
    2. Materials
    3. Supplies
    4. Furniture
    5. Equipment
  2. Basic operating services ( up to $250K per contract/PO), such as
    1. Custodial services
    2. Grounds keeping services
    3. NOT including architectural or engineering services, which will be obtained through a RFQ
  3. Minor repair services for various types of facilities ( up to $250K per contract/PO), such as
    1. Research
    2. Parking and transportation
    3. Fire life safety
    4. Classrooms
    5. NOT including architectural or engineering services, which will be obtained through a RFQ

The University of Houston uses the following statewide contracts:

  • TX Smart Buy - Index of competitively awarded term contracts with related terms and conditions, items, pricing and Contractors - purchased through the TxSmartBuy Online Ordering System. (Excludes IT and Telecommunications)
    Agency Super User Guide 
    • Texas Correctional Industries ( TCI) – TCI manufactures goods and provides services for sale, on a for-profit basis, to city, county, state and federal agencies, public schools, public and private institutions of higher education, public hospitals and political subdivisions.
    • Term and Managed Term
    • TXMAS Agreements – Texas contracts established as an alternative procurement method. These contracts are based upon active General Services Administration's (GSA) Federal Supply Service or another state or local government entity, as authorized by Texas Government Code, Chapter 2155.
  • Department of Information Resources (DIR) – DIR is an agency of the State of Texas. Among their varied responsibilities, DIR must negotiate volume purchase agreements for quality IT products and services. All Texas state agencies are eligible to use these agreements.
  • GSA Contracts – Contact Purchasing
  • The University of Texas System Supply Chain Alliance (UT Alliance) - The University of Texas System Supply Chain Alliance (UTSSCA) – UTSSCA was created to expand the use of joint purchasing and explore new opportunities to leverage the collective size and strength of the UT System institutions through cooperative purchasing.

        UT Alliance Overview
        UT Alliance Approved Vendors

The University of Houston uses the following cooperatives:

  • Buyboard – The BuyBoard was developed by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) along with the Texas Association of Counties and the Texas Municipal League. It is open to all local governments, nonprofits, and other political subdivisions of the state of Texas. The BuyBoard has established an authorization process for BuyBoard members to allow shopping–not buying–by non-procurement staff members.
  • Choice Partner s – A national cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet the purchasing needs of school districts and other governmental entities. Through this cooperative purchasing program, members gain immediate access to legal, competitively bid contracts they need, saving time and money on the bidding and purchasing process.
  • E&I - E&I is a member-owned, not-for-profit buying cooperative which provides goods and services to its members at the best possible value. The diverse portfolio of competitively awarded contracts is backed by the purchasing power of over 4,300 member institutions.
  • NCPA – A leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.  NCPA utilizes state of the art procurement resources and solutions that result in contracts that ensure all public agencies are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices.
  • OMNIA Partners , Public Sector – The largest and most trusted cooperative purchasing organization for public sector procurement. They have brought together the nation’s two leading cooperative purchasing organizations – National IPA and U.S. Communities – under one roof to form OMNIA Partners, Public Sector.
  • TIPS/TAPS – A national purchasing cooperative that offers access to competitively procured purchasing contracts to its membership.