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Office of Administration Coog Services

Emily Messa's Portrait

Emily A. Messa, Ph.D., C.A.S.P.

Associate Vice Chancellor & Associate Vice Pres. Administration

The Office of Administration is committed to the S.P.I.R.I.T. of Service Excellence for UH Faculty, Staff, and Students through robust strategic planning and capital improvement planning process within an exemplary portfolio of on-campus services ranging across third-party dining, parking, shuttle, and bookstore operations among the program areas of Auxiliary and University Services, as well as system master planning through the UH System-wide Public Art Committee, an advisory committee to the UH System Board of Regents, and fundamental initiatives of best practices in sustainability, assessment, and evaluation.  

Supported by a dedicated team of more than 100 full-time and student employees and 700-plus contractors, the Office of Administration provides a foundational infrastructure of services for the campus community and also cultivates ongoing growth and proactive master planning of fundamental UH initiatives in collaboration with campus community partners in support of the UH Mission and transformation as an innovative pacesetter for future success.

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Coog Services