Bekki George Receives Provost Core Award - University of Houston
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Bekki George Receives Provost Core Award

Bekki George, received the 2018 Provost Core Award during the 2018 Faculty Excellence Awards. This award is given to those faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching University Undergraduate Core Curriculum courses.

A complete listing of all faculty award recipients is now available online.

"My teaching success is founded on two factors: my love for my teaching and my love for my students. The teachers I have admired and learned from with these passions have always been outstanding – instilling not only knowledge, but also life skills into their students. I have learned that it takes true compassion for the subject and students to be a successful teacher. For example, my love for Mathematics drives me to want to communicate the subject efficiently and my love for my students makes me want to ensure they’re learning all that I can teach them in a given subject. My passions charge me to bring about the best possible learning environment I can offer. Ideally, the students not only learn the official subject being taught, but also the ability to problem-solve, collaborate, persevere, and communicate – skills that are crucial to life and every profession.

-Rebecca George"

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Photos from the Awards Dinner: