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If you want to apply our graduate program, but for some reasons you are unable to do (e.g., miss the deadline, or your GRE test requirement and need to retake it) and if you are USA citizen or Green Card holder, you may apply as a "Pre-Grad" student.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1. Submit online application as any other student (for undergraduate, graduate). See our instruction in
Choose our campus, our college, our department, the semester, and choose "master of science in applied mathematics".

Step 2. Submit your official transcripts which should have your BS or BA degree posted to Graduate Admissions.

Also submit your personal statement  to UH Graduate Admissions, which may include motivation for beginning or returning to graduate school; expectations for graduate training; immediate and eventual career goals.

Step 3. Send email to our Graduate Advisor Ms. Neha Valji ( informing her that you have submitted an online application via as a "Pre-Grad" to take courses.

You don't need to provide GRE test scores, however, you do need to provide three recommendation letters. These letters may be used when you apply late to our Graduate Program.

Step 4.  Our Graduate Advisor will process your application. Once our college approves it,you can check it in your PeopleSoft account , and you will be notified and can enroll courses via PeopleSoft account.

Up to 12 credit hours can be transferred towards the MSM, MSAM, MAM graduate degrees if you are admitted into one of those graduate program. Please note that credit hours cannot be transferred towards the MSDA program.