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‘Deceptively Simple’ Process Could Boost Plastics Recycling
The method also could advance producing plastics from natural oils.

Two UH Chemists Are Named 2020 Sloan Research Fellows
Brgoch, Wu honored for their work in fundamental chemistry.

New Hybrid Device Can Both Capture and Store Solar Energy
Device offers a new avenue for capitalizing on abundant solar energy.

Changing How Chemists Think About Textbook Chemical Concepts
UH chemist maps prospects for surprising links in chemistry.

Chemists Shine a Light on Well-Known Chemical Reactions
Proton transfer forms basis of many light-driven organic reactions.

Is Copper a Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?
University of Houston chemist examines the link.

Inside Research: Welch-UH Center Director Sets Sights on ‘Broader Scope’ of Polymer Research
Versatility of polymers makes them pervasive in our plastic-jammed world.

Porous Molecular Crystals: Applications in Storage, Recycling and Sensing
NSF grant funds analysis and development.

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