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Audio & Video Production

Technology Services & Support's audio and video services are utilized for research, instruction, documentation, and public relations purposes. Most services can usually be completed in less than five working days. Major television productions are an exception.

Audio Services

Contact Matthew Castillo, mlcasti2@Central.UH.EDU, 713-743-1513 for information.

Video Services

Services include taping, editing and mixing, special effects, computer-generated graphics, and preparation for online access. 

Foreign Tape to DVD conversion is available for VHS videotapes recorded in foreign formats (PAL or SECAM).

Additionally, UIT offers post-production services for client-produced videotapes.

Note: TSS observes U.S. Copyright Laws. Written permission from the copyright holder is required when copyrighted materials are duplicated.

Contact us:

Phone: 832-842-4728