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DUO Mobile

Download the Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile App

On your mobile device, download the app "Duo Mobile" and install it on your device:

Login to AccessUH

AccessUH Login Image
  1. Go to AccessUH (https://accessuh.uh.edu). 
  2. Be sure that you are on the CougarNet login tab.
  3. Login with your CougarNet UserID and password.
  4. Click the "Login using your CougarNet" button.

Follow the Prompts to Complete Enrollment


1. Click Next
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

2. Click Next.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

3. Click Next.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

4. Select one of the following authentication methods (Duo mobile is recommended).
DUO New Prompt Enroll Step 4
Note: Non-UH computers will receive this prompt with the Windows Hello option. For steps on how to set up Windows Hello, follow these instructions.
Select an Option Step 4 with Windows Hello

5. Enter your phone number.
6. Click Continue.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

7. Click Yes, it's correct.
Yes It's Correct New DUO Prompt Step 7

8. Click Next. (Note: If you don’t have the Duo mobile app installed on your mobile phone go to the App Store or Google Play.)
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

9. Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone, tap the "+" button and scan the QR code.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

10. On your computer, click Continue.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

11. The Duo mobile app will have a UH account on the screen, tap Save.
12. On your computer, click Skip for now.
Skip For Now New DUO Prompt Step 12

Note: Non-UH computers will receive this prompt with the Windows Hello option.
Skip for now Step 12 with Windows Hello
13. Click Log in with Duo.
Two-Factor Authentication New Prompt

14. DUO will send you a push notification to your mobile phone, tap Approve.
DUO New Prompt Step 14

This is the screen confirming enrollment completion. 
Success New DUO Prompt Step 14

Two-factor Authentication Completed

Once the steps above are complete, you are all set! From now on, you will be prompted to initiate Two-Factor Authentication via Duo each time you log in to the AccessUH or the Microsoft 365 Web interface.

To add additional devices please go to https://uh.edu/2fa-portal/.