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Overview of OneDrive 

OneDrive is a place where you can store, sync, and share your work files. As part of Microsoft 365, OneDrive lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others simultaneously.

Features of OneDrive 

Ideas of how to use OneDrive 

  • Store media files
  • Share media files with others
  • Collaborate with others live in the same document

Best Practices

  • Keep folder and file names short by using abbreviations. Example: Use "01012015MgrMtg" instead of "January 01 2015 Manangers Meeting"
  • Do not use spaces in the names of files or folders.  Example: Use  "01012015MgrMtg" instead of "01012015 Mgr Mtg"
  • Review sharing/permissions at the beginning of each semester

Data Security

OneDrive included in Microsoft 365 is the University of Houston’s official cloud storage, communication, collaboration, and productivity platform for faculty, staff, and students.  Use of Microsoft 365 for university business provides enterprise level security controls and is compliant with university policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have trouble, contact the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411, or via live chat.