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Recommended IT Practices

Appropriate Use and Responsibility

The University's computing resources are for the use of UH faculty, staff, and students enrolled in classes at UH. Information Technology Support Center does not support the uses of computing resources that do not contribute to the academic, research, or administrative work of the University.

All faculty, staff, and students are required by UH to take the proper precautions in avoiding the misuse and abuse of UH computers. The University of Houston has outlined specific guidelines regarding computer use and the users' responsibilities in the Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures in the Information Technology section.

The following is an excerpt of that policy to which customers are required to adhere:

Violations of computing policies will result in disciplinary action including termination of computing privileges, expulsion from the University, termination of employment and/or legal action.

More detailed information is available in the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources by going to and going to Policies & Security, Reference Guide, and Appropriate Use of Computing Resources.