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Queuing and Appointment System (CougarQ)

Description of Service:

Administration and development of virtual queueing and appointment system.

Business Owner:

Emily Messa

UIT Service Manager:

Tuong Ho

UHS Service?


How To Request:

Contact Cindy Crews: cjcrews@uh.edu; 713-743-2726

Minimum Service Level:


Maintenance Windows:

Fridays, 2 a.m.- 6 a.m.

Support (Tier 1):

Yun Cui: ycui@central.uh.edu; 713-743-1451

Support (Tier 2):

Tuong Ho: tuong@uh.edu; 713-743-1439

Support (Tier 3):


Charges (if applicable):

SLA through Business Unit