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Prior State Service

Definition: State service credit is earned when you work for a State of Texas agency or a public institution of higher education.  

Purpose: State service affects your vacation accruals and eligibility for longevity pay.  

Process: Benefits-eligible employees with prior Texas State employment must complete the Verification of Prior State Service Form for each State agency.  Once the form is complete, the employee must submit it to the Department of Human Resources.  HR will contact the agencies to verify prior State employment.  Upon verification, HR will update your service years, apply the correct vacation accrual, and longevity if applicable. 

Requests for prior State service are processed on first come, first serve basis and in some cases require considerable research and time to verify.  Please complete the Verification of Prior State Service form and fax to Human Resources at 713-743-4830.  If you prefer, you may contact each state agency directly and ask them to fax your completed form to the university. 

The university does not automatically receive information about your state service history.  It is your responsibility to provide the form and ensure that your state service is complete and correct.  

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center at 713-743-3988 or