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Math Placement Exam

Math Placement Exam

The University of Houston conducts all math placement testing online. All students enrolling at the University of Houston will take the math placement exam online. This is a great opportunity for you to take your math placement exam away from the hustle and bustle of orientation and at your convenience.

Incoming students are required to take the math placement exam PRIOR to attending any summer orientation conference or meeting with an Honors advisor.

  • Where do I go to take the exam online?

Log into Casa and register as a new user.

  • What if I want to take Honors Calculus?

You should take the placement exam for placement into MATH 1431. Further information regarding your eligibility for Honors Calculus will be provided at Orientation.

  • There are 2 placement exams. Which one do I take?

MATH 1431 Placement Exam (Calculus):
MATH 1314/1330 Placement Exam (Business Calculus/Pre-Calculus)

If you are in the College of Engineering or Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Math 1431 placement exam is highly recommended. 

Please note, there is not a placement exam for MATH 1310, 1311, 1312, 1313, 2311.

  • Are practice exams/questions available?

Yes, you'll find that the Math Placement website contains a number of detailed practice problems, tailored to the subject matter of each placement test.

  • I'm taking the Calculus AP exam (AB or BC) in May. Do I need to take the placement test?

Yes. Although a passing score on the AP exam will earn you college credit, we won't know your score until July, and it will take time for the University to process the scores and apply the credit. An absence of credit or a math placement score will prevent students from enrolling in math and some science classes. In the meantime, you should take the placement exam so that you can enroll in math and science classes during Orientation.

  • I have already taken college math at my community college. Do I have to take the placement test?

If your intended major is in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, then you do not need to take the math placement test. If your intended major is in any other college (including Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Technology, Business, or Hotel and Restaurant Management), then you must take the math placement exam PRIOR to attending orientation. Your college credit will be reviewed and credit applied to your account, but that process will likely take place after your orientation session. As such, taking the math placement exam ensures you can enroll into math and science classes. 

  • If I fail the placement exam, can I retake it?

Students who do not pass the math placement exam should take advantage of the study resources available on the math placement website to prepare themselves better for their second attempt. A second attempt is available in person during the two-day freshman orientation conference.

  • Should I bring my math placement exam score with me to orientation?

Yes, please know the Honors advisors will be verifying that students have taken the exam through the CASA website in the week prior to each orientation conference.