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Honors Core Curriculum

Honors Core Curriculum Requirements

Below are the Honors requirements for incoming freshmen. Through individual advising consultations, Honors College academic advisors will assist students in determining the best options to satisfy Honors core curriculum requirements.

University Honors Requirements:

The University Honors curriculum requires the completion of 36 Honors designated credit hours, including:

A. Human Situation sequence, 10 credit hours:

6 hrs Antiquity (fall semester)

4 hrs Modernity (spring semester)

B. Other University Core Curriculum, 9 Honors credit hours (An Honors requirement in this category is waived if a student completed that core requirement prior to joining the Honors College.):

3 hrs Honors American Government (POLS 1336 or POLS 1337)

3 hrs Honors American History (HIST 1377 or HIST 1378)

3 hrs Honors Core Social and Behavioral Science 

C. Honors Colloquium, 3 credit hours: 3 hrs from a selection of courses designated as Honors Colloquia, or three credit hours from the six credit hour Senior Honors Thesis sequence

D. Additional Honors credit, 14 credit hours: Classes offered with the Honors designation or petitioned for Honors credit, from any discipline, to bring the total Honors credits to 36 hours.

E. Non-Honors credit requirements: 1 hr Natural Science lab 3 hrs credit for (or placement beyond) elementary functions level mathematics, i.e. MATH 1314, 1330, or 2311.

For graduation with University Honors with Honors in Major, students must complete a Senior Honors Thesis. The Senior Honors Thesis is the culmination of a student's work in the major field of study. The thesis typically carries six hours of honors credit and, for some majors, can fulfill the degree requirement of a minor.