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Selected Courses

Which Courses Will You Take?

Choosing your course of study in general, and the courses you'll take each semester, is both fun and challenging. To aid you in this endeavor, the Honors College publishes our Coursebook each semester, within which you have access to that semester's course descriptions, requirements for advising and registration and updates for programs and scholarships. In addition, many of our programs have course listings and descriptions available online. (See the links to the right for examples.) Speaking regularly with an Honors College advisor also helps you to make the best choices throughout your undergraduate career.

Selected Courses

In some cases, your courses are required or determined by your major or minor. The core course for all Honors College students, for example, is The Human Situation, a two-semester course rooted in a study of the great books. Many of your courses, however, will be electives. In the Honors College, many of the electives are research-intensive, providing a unique opportunity for students to add to their undergraduate experience. Example courses and programs in which this research element is paramount include:

Punishment This research-intensive course was approved as part of the Phronêsis minor in Politics and Ethics. Taught by professor Tammler Sommers, this philosophy course culminated in a public poster presentation to display the results of the semester's research. 

Asthmatic Spaces Professor Dan Price created this interdisciplinary course that examines the problem of asthma through research projects that expand how scientific questions are answered.