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Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

A minor in Creative Work requires: 

  1. Complete 18 hours approved for the minor, including:

  •  One (1) foundation course (3 credit hours): HON 3310:  Poetics and Performance.

  • Four (4) additional CW-elective courses (12 credit hours) of which a minimum of two (2) must be advanced (3000-level or above). A course listed as a capstone may count as a CW-elective if another capstone course is completed to fulfill that requirement. 

  • One (1) advanced (3000-level or above) course designated or — under special circumstances — approved in advance as a capstone course by the program director: HON 4315:  Artists and their Regions

    2.  A minimum of 4 courses (12 hours) must be taken in residence.

    3.  A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required in the six (6) courses completed for the minor.

    4.  Up to 6 CW-elective credit hours may be satisfied by internship with a local arts organizations, or by  
         a suitable Senior Honors Thesis, with approval of the minor program director. In addition, the Senior
         Honors Thesis may satisfy the capstone requirement with permission of the program director.