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Bauer Business Honors Program

The Bauer Business Honors Program (Bauer Honors) provides specialized business curriculum, academic services, and social and networking events to University students who are members of the Honors College and are also business majors or minors. Bauer Honors offers a wide variety of business courses reserved for Honors students. Compared to large lecture halls, these honors-level classes are small (no more than 25 students) and offer a friendly, casual environment in which students and teachers interact.

Through events like Freshman Fete, Bauer Honors Mixer, Scheduling Bash and Spring Astros Game, Bauer Honors shows its dedication to our students by providing many opportunities to get to know each other, their professors, alumni and potential employers. Connections with Bauer Honors grads and Houston employers can make the difference in a future job or internship search.

In addition, Bauer Honors students experience one-on-one academic advising sessions tailored to their individual needs and get information on research, internships and other opportunities, as well as quick and detailed answers to their questions. All of these perks and services go a long way to help Bauer Honors students succeed in the College as well as in their lives beyond the University.